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BTS Services is a community service company. We love helping people in many different ways, so in early 2014 we founded BTS Services. We can now better assist the community through a variety of needs;  from house keeping to dog walking. 


We're excited about customer service and doing things right. When you're having trouble, why not just make a call and get more than just an answer? That's why we're here, to do more. 


We Love to Help!












We're an insured LLC, so you know we're reliable and can be trusted. 

"We were lucky to have BTS Services help us clean out our garage. Because we're a bit older, we didn't want to get hurt. It was definitely the best decision and we're very happy with the experience."


-Ed, Princeton Junction

"Excellent service, the staff got along with my dog so well. Couldn't be happier with the service and by far the best prices around. I've already booked them for weekly walked, a great addition for my busy schedule!."


-Alex, Princeton

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